Second Project Meeting in Budapest

Cooltour partners gathered in Budapest from 5th to 7th December 2022 for their second project meeting, held at the KOME office. The main focus of the meeting was to discuss various project themes, including management, communication, platform assessment, learning mobility, and the development of a toolkit for heritage managers.

The partners were actively involved in the decision-making process, with each partner responsible for producing relevant documents related to their topic. KOME, for example, was responsible for the development of the toolkit for heritage managers, while the Institute of Archaeology took charge of defining the mobility features and organization of young people’s learning mobility in Serbia.

Brodoto was responsible for the mid-term assessment of communication activities, and the definition of the mobility features for the joint staff training event in Croatia. Assoentilocali was in charge of management, including the preparation of the mid-term report and the organization of local workshops for platform piloting starting in March 2023.

During their stay in Budapest, the partners also had the opportunity to visit the new Museum of Ethnography, a striking new building located near the Hungarian Parliament. The museum aims to showcase the cultural diversity of Hungary and the world, with exhibits that feature various aspects of human culture, such as customs, traditions, and lifestyle.

Overall, the second Cooltour project meeting in Budapest was a productive gathering that allowed partners to exchange ideas, make decisions, and plan for upcoming activities. With the project’s various themes now in focus, the partners are better equipped to carry out the project’s goals and objectives as they move forward.

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