Millennials for Cultural Heritage


Aiming to promote the active participation of millennials in Cultural Heritage while spiking their interest for history and culture.

Cultural Heritage Managers

Making Cultural Heritage professionals understand the importance of using technology to create a dialogue with younger generations.

Interaction Between Parties

How can dialogue and interaction between young people and professionals managing heritage sites in our cities and countries be promoted?


“COOLTOUR - Millennials for Cultural Heritage” represents a fresh/ contemporary approach to cultural heritage co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.
The idea is to promote heritage sites amongst young generations, but also to encourage dialogue and interaction between youth and the professionals managing the heritage sites and to settle a common debate ground between public or private institutions in charge of cultural heritage with young minds interested in new and more participative ways of heritage.


COOLTOUR is an erasmus+ project with with Grant Agreement n°: 2021-1-IT03-KA220-YOU-000029203









Student Organization of the University of Ljubljana

Slovenia,Osrednjeslovenska, LJUBLJANA


Croatia, Zagreb, Zagreb


COOLTOUR Digital Platform & COOLTOUR Toolkit for Heritage Managers and Guidelines for Heritage Managers

COOLTOUR digital platform

An innovative digital platform aimed to promote the active involvement of Millennials and collect their inputs for the creation of content and storytelling related to cultural heritage. The COOLTOUR platform is a hybrid social media web application allowing users to create and share content related to the archaeological sites involved in the project, such as reflections on heritage given in vlogs, and blogs, inventing new heritage brands, creating heritage-inspired emoticons, creating routes for “young heritage” as well as heritage presentation from young people’s perspective, so as to strengthen the link between cultural heritage and youth.

COOLTOUR Guidelines and Toolkit for Heritage managers

The Guidelines offers an innovative methodology aimed at making the managers of archaeological sites understand the importance of using technology in creating a dialogue with the younger generations. We collected good practices, tested tools and exercises to better plan programmes and engage with the millennial generation.

The toolkit summarises all the experiences, recommendations, tips and lessons learned from Youth mobility in Viminacium – Serbia, and the national piloting phase of COOLTOUR



Check out the Cool news of the project

Newsletter no. 9 – Cypriot pilot activities

Newsletter no. 9 – Cypriot pilot activities

The piloting activities in Cyprus, “Experience the life of Ancient Cypriots” took place in May and June 2023, and were envisioned as a revival of everyday life of ancient Cypriots.…

Newsletter No.8. – Pilot in Serbia

Newsletter No.8. – Pilot in Serbia

The Serbian pilot workshops took place in June 2023, across several regions and sites managed by archaeological parks, museums, institutes for the protection of cultural heritage, galleries, and tourist organizations.…

Newsletter No.7. – National Pilot in Budapest, Hungary

Newsletter No.7. – National Pilot in Budapest, Hungary

Following a bottom-up, collaborative approach, the Hungarian partner organised the national pilot through the open call titled “Heritage Together”, published in order to find out what Budapestians consider as their…


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